Family Law Matters: Wills and Estates

Most family issues may be resolved within the family. But some simply requires that a family provision lawyer go in between to help settle and iron things out between feuding family members.

One such case is the division of estates. More often than not, family members get entangled in a complicated situation when it is time to slice properties equally among the members. One may have demands that are not within agreeable terms with the other parties. This is when a family provision lawyer is sought – to help make the division as objective and legally acceptable.

The Subject of Wills

estate_planning2To better understand what family law has to do with division of estates and execution of wills, let us first explore what wills are all about. A will is a legal document left behind by the patriarch or any head of the family, which is used as the basis for the division of properties in case the patriarch dies. It is executed by a family provision lawyer or simply a legal counsel specializing in family law matters.

After the patriarch passes on, the lawyer will get in touch with the family members to let them know that such a will exists and explain to them its contents. If the contents of the will are deemed acceptable by everyone involved, the wills and estates lawyer will help execute the will by looking after the procedure of transferring ownership and such other tasks.

It is a different thing altogether when one family member decides that the contents of the will are not acceptable and pursues to contest it. Contesting wills is a legal provision to ensure that the will does not favor one side only over selfish reasons other than that is the actual ‘will’ of the person undersigned it.

When challenging a will, you need to consult with a legal expert, to know what your options are and how the tedious process will go. Family law professionals always resort to negotiation as a first option. They always try to iron things out between the parties involved in an amicable manner. If one refuses to participate in the negotiations, then, legal solutions are applied. It really depends on the situation and who the contesting party is.

When you are faced with troubles regarding a will or estate, make sure that you know what can be done to help settle things in a cordial manner. Consulting with a family law expert is not at all wrong but try to use this to work the issues out so you can avoid figuring in a legal battle.

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