Throw the Cat among the Pigeons… Website Design Contests

If you are a marketer and want to get a toe hold in the world of digital marketing, there is one proven method that always works, outsourcing a website development project to a bidding site.

web_creativeYes, there are hundreds of website developers who are brimming with tones of creativity in the labor market. However for a myriad of reasons, these professionals are forced to sit on the sidelines as they watch potential projects get gobbled up by established names in the industry or by in house developers.

The scenario painted above is bad for the industry as it leads to stifled creativity and underemployment. The advantages that accrue to you when you as a marketer throw the cat among the pigeons by letting different developers wrestle for a given project are listed below.

· Foremost, it ensures that you get to bargain in terms of pricing. Established brand names might give a quote that in many ways may be beyond the league of a small business or in some instances grossly inflated. A solo developer or a small firm will likely give a quotation that is not only ‘reasonable’ but also affordable even for a small vendor.

· Secondly, a project that has been placed on a platform where interested players showcase their talent is the best avenue to tap into the latest trends that are taking root in the industry. For instance sticking to an in-house developer who is big on graphics and slow on picking up trends such as responsive design might result in a product that is good to look at but far from good by way of attaining conversion rates. For want of a better word, the best term to apply in this scenario is that it pays to spread out your risk (sic).

· Lastly, going the route of a web development competition is not only good for you as a business entity but also the industry as a whole in the sense that it pits the best talents against each other and the end result is a better product not only for the industry but also for the vendors. A look at current infographics on website development will reveal that in a span of under three years the industry has experimented with trends such as split screens , monochromatic colors, minimal capture, card design layouts etc all in an effort to ensure that conversion rates are attained. Look at it as a case of iron sharpening iron and you the client as the beneficiary.

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