Standing Out from the Conventional

Are you a content creator thinking about how to make a good exhibition display in Sydney? In Sydney, you get a lot of traffic for public events and stall visits from tourists and locals alike. Everything from electronic product displays to homemade goods, you could increase foot traffic through your stall through creative booth designs.

For anyone who’s ever walked through a passing trade show, the experience can be a little overwhelming. Competition cuts close for neighbours trying to reign in the little attention passerby have to spare their pimped out, brightly-lit exhibition display. In Sydney, there’s always some part of the city changing. New pop-up stores, more intriguing attractions. If you want your space in the tradeshow to stand out, you’d have to put a little more effort into it than just setting up your brand’s tarpaulin over your run-of-the-mill plastic stand.

business_booth3Physical marketing can be significantly effective when done right. Having your target market experience your brand’s identity in person can not only increase brand attraction but also promote the brand’s culture through the people on site. Making an event booth design that’s interactive through the integration of games or music can have people milling around your stall for hours.

Mind you, there are better strategies aside from simply going with the “bigger is better” routine. If you’re well-established, or if your company is working within a small niche, giving your booth a consistent theme in line with your brand can be the key to a successful convention booth. Displays can tend to eat up a lot of space, and you’d want to make sure that everything that’s directly visible to the passerby is something worth promoting. Keep your space clear and uncluttered to help your visitors find the stall they need to go to.

A typically successful exhibition display in Sydney can be a matter of making the most of your space and interactive. Elevate your physical marketing strategy by turning it into a memorable experience for your target market. One of the most effective ways of reeling people in is to try to appeal to their curiosity. This could take any form of an all-out puzzle game requiring teamwork or simple ring toss at your booth.

Holding Q & As can also address people’s initial questions about your services and reel in new customers with a little help from a charismatic host. If you’re in the food industry, you could fashion your booths to show off your products more, such as making it look similar to a barn. If your brand’s more on the tech side, you can go crazy with responsive lights and sound systems.

Look up examples of creative booths online or consult with convention regulars on their most successful displays for some helpful tips on getting started on your own.

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