Photographic Styles in Wedding Photography – What Photographers Use in Creating Beautiful Wedding Photos

A perfect and beautiful wedding picture is the usual promise of a wedding photography studio.   Photographers working on a wedding deliver perfect and beautiful wedding photos by using different photography styles in capturing wedding moments. Here’s how one style is different from the other styles.


wedding-dresses-1486256_640A perfect wedding photography is never without a beautiful and poignant bride’s portrait. It is usually done using the portraiture style where wedding subjects are photographed in formal poses and precision is applied. Sydney wedding photography using this style takes control over the lighting and applies adjustments in lighting’s direction and intensity. Couples and other members of the entourage are generally seated against backgrounds and advanced techniques in light applications allow perfect light reflections and exposures. Portraiture style is the most preferred style by many wedding photographers as it allows creativeness in bringing out details of subject’s features thus creating a collection beautiful and well-photographed wedding portraits.

Soft focus

Your wedding photographer creates dreamlike and romantic effects in your wedding pictures by using the soft focus style. He does it by using pale lighting and special lens. Before the shots, photographers put the subjects in the mood and in their best natural self. Wedding photos with soft focus are with heartfelt drama and romantic ambience.

Natural light

Weddings in natural light style photography skip the use of camera flashes. The light is courtesy of the sun moonlight and street lamps. Not all can do weddings in natural light and it takes only a skillful and artistic photographer to come up with beautiful wedding photos using natural light.


What you see in your wedding albums are wedding scenes captured as they happen. Chances are, the photographer is using photo-documentary style. Many weddings are with photo-documentary because it is cheaper and editing time is lesser. Wedding albums have the usual wedding procession, the couple’s Kiss, and the vow and traditional scenes in the ceremony and at the reception.

Photographers at any weddings don’t just shoot wedding scenes and moments but most of the time move and bend around to get the best angles, apply precision, and grab opportunity for a shoot quick and fast. They get paid not only for capturing wedding details and moments with all the drama and emotions but also for creating long lasting memory of the wedding itself. And, it takes great skills and talent to apply techniques and photographic style in order to make perfect and beautiful weddings.

Professional wedding photographers apply a specific style depending on the theme and location of the wedding. Most likely, they know how to adjust. Therefore, it’s always worth it hiring them. Go for

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