Building Hotel’s Website? Check This Out


Many travelers do their hotel booking online and before they do, they make sure the accommodation will provide them the best experience so they log in its website and see if they like what they see.  This is why hotels and accommodations put on so much effort in the betterment of their website not only for booking purposes but most of all, in enhancing their image and profitability. Experienced and top ranking WordPress developers are also racing each other in bringing the best online experience for hotel and accommodation customers. Freelance hotel and accommodation providers on the other hand do self-hosted websites through WordPress, a free website platform where they can use free its many beautiful website templates and themes.  While they can create beautiful websites through WordPress website development, it is still important to have a website and design company that will guide them through creation of beautiful and functional hotel and accommodation websites. Here are two WordPress themes for hotels that have proven to build a stable hotel image.

Sixty One

Many wordpress developers consider SixtyOne as one of the most beautiful wordpress themes for hotels. Its main feature, which is a built-in booking request speaks well of its functionality. The homepage layout is also highly customizable which means there’s a lot of room in inserting hotels’ unique character and features. If you’re with a digital marketing agency, the platform has a full hotel room management system where a gallery can be easily added. This is a great help in promoting hotel’s unique branding and promotion. The room management system allows users to easily check dates and check for room availability from its homepage. Widgets for social media accounts like Facebook are also present. For unique presentation, there are distinctive page templates for room, and for custom contact and booking pages.


This is a WordPress’ response for hotel websites that want sliders with call to action buttons. It allows wordpress developers to choose the color and font, and easily sets up live customizers like galleries and options for third party booking. Such option helps hotel management to get booking from other sources other than from its own website.

If you’re a hotel or accommodation provider, it’s time to check out if your website is updated and if not, it’s time to make changes. Visiting a website developer will surely help in understanding the many possibilities of creating beautiful hotel websites.

Let your hotel website get more bookings. Go for who will manage your website development.

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