A brief introduction in the history of search engines

The internet is the greatest invention since penicillin. It is what drives the economy of nations, and also the integral part for information searching. In comparison with information searching during the early 20th century where people have to spend hours and multiple trips at libraries, information searching in the 21th century can be done in the comfort of your home and within minutes all thanks to the invention of the internet. The backbone in information searching are search engines. Search engines are software system that allows us to search information on the World Wide Web.

seodigitalmarketingHowever an interesting question arises about how we manage to refine and prioritize our search to websites related only to keywords we enter. The answer to that question is through search engine optimization. Search engines like GoogleTM display links to websites it considers relevant and authoritative. The degree of authority is measured by the analysis of the number and quality of links it has from other sites. Knowing that search engine optimization is the act of attempting to improve the ranking of search results.

As mentioned above degree of authority of search results are based on number and quality of links it has that come from other sites, in order to optimize search engines a strategy called link building was introduced. Link building is the act of introducing hyperlinks into the webpage you are trying to set up. To your search engine the higher the amount of links from other webpages it possess the higher its ranking. In Australia based on the findings done by SEOworks the best SEO company is www.seosydneyexperts.com.au followed by www.omgseosydney.com.au while third place belonged to www.dejanseo.com.au .

There however is a dark side to this technique where people manipulate page rank for chosen keywords. Therefore in order to overcome this GoogleTM introduced regular updates one of which is Google Penguin. Google Penguin is an algorithm update introduced on April 24, 2012, this update aims to decrease search engine rankings of websites that violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. The basic principles of the webmaster guidelines are: 1) make pages primarily for users instead for search engines 2) Do not deceive users 3) Decrease artificial usage of tricks aimed to improve search engine rankings 4)try to design websites that are unique, valuable and engaging.

In conclusion the internet has become an integral part of our lives and indirectly so did search engines. A huge amount of money has been invested in the development of search engines and a stable search engine is the main sell point of Google. Therefore it is vital for computational scientist to develop search engines that keep up with the needs of users and not mislead them to irrelevant sites.

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