3 Web Designs that is Simply Great for Building New Business Websites


As a newcomer inside the web, you need and want people to search you and know more of your brand. Web design in Perth has this to say for startups about the importance of having a good web design in setting up an online business for the first time; your web design is something that’ll attract searchers and build the desire to know more what’s new you have to offer. In designing web pages, web developers are always updating their knowledge on different trends that are up for the betterment of users experience. Here are 3 web designs that are currently getting popular attention from web designers as very appealing and helpful for a starting online business.

Animation and videos

Instead of read-on contents, this design trend is focused on animation and video to give concise and clear product or service information, and users are invited to a quick video and watching is all they have to do to understand what the brand or service is all about. Web design in Perth had done many web pages using animation and video demonstrators for startups and many had succeeded in attracting huge attentions where UX starts from scrolling visuals, picture slides and loading animations.


Icons are communication tools and it’s been widely used in web designs and the use of icons is now currently trending web design for several reasons. Many popular web pages are easily identified by the icon used and several startups that have been successful in lesser time credit the icons used on their pages. It gives widespread recognition and users are easily identifying and recognizing its meaning. It’s a powerful way in achieving instant recognition, which is vital for web newcomers. Web designs in Perth look at this Icon trend as very effective way for global recognition for startups, and many designers are agreeing as well. It’s a web design that is most likely to be carried over in the coming years.


This web trend is sending ecommerce website design in Adelaide, Perth and across Australia in helping new online business as the web design allows business to see results of an action, which is vital in digital campaigns. The web design is also useful in helping users manipulate something on their pages and they’re using it as vital part in many apps. It is a web design that is simply for users interactions. Ecommerce web design in Adelaide is looking at micro-interactions as a key to adoption and usability as it makes digital devices more human-like.

Web designing is so important for digital new players and these 3 web designs are simply great way to kick a good start.

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